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Manoj Kumar Singh
Adriene Bagamasbad

About the contest

With pandemic around, the lockdown is hampering the PTE aspirants’ preparation.
But during these dark hours PTE Tutorials came out as a ray of hope, and hundreds of them
joined their PTE Online Coaching. And to celebrate this success PTE Tutorials’ comes up with a
contest-winning which Any 5 Qualified Participants will get the adaptable & result-oriented Online Coaching for FREE.
Keep up your spirits high. Participate and let nothing stop your preparation.

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Prize you can win

Any 5 Qualified Participants will get the adaptable & result-oriented FREE Online Coaching.
It includes:
  • 8 Weeks of Live Interactive Classes
  • Video Recordings of the Classes
  • 5 FREE Scored Tests
  • E-books on each task
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Terms and conditions
  • The FREE Online Coaching is non-transferable
  • The prize of the contest cannot be exchanged with any alternate services from PTE Tutorials.
  • You cannot claim the prize in cash.
  • You cannot club the prize with the ongoing offers on the website.
  • The Prize distribution decision shall remain under the control of PTE Tutorials. And the decision made by PTE Tutorials shall prevail.
  • PTE Tutorials is not responsible for any mental pressure/disturbance caused due to failure in the contest.
  • FREE Online Coaching batch timings are subjected to availability.
  • If you miss joining the batches, PTE Tutorials is not responsible for the same. However, you get access to the video recordings of the classes.
  • Once the batch is booked, you cannot change the timings.
  • If found creating any chaos in the ongoing batches, all your rights to the FREE Coaching will be declined. And you will not be able to take any of the PTE Services in the future.
  • Reselling of the FREE Online Coaching will land you in trouble with the legal process.
  • Multiple login with different E-mails is not permitted.